Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A bug in my Soup !

When I lesson to this chef who claim to be real Artist, I love to laugh out loud ( wait a minute, I just realize the meaning of LOL, I'm genius ....).Don't get me wrong, I recognize the talent for some of them but I prefer to use the word craftsmen about Chef, for me an artist it's something else, sorry I can't find in my brain the definition.
Anyway, like you can see on the picture from my photograph's friend Ron ( a true Artist), I felt creative and decided to put some decoration on my Ginger-Carrot soup, the result: looks like a bug swimming in the plate.
So the quote for today is :
" If often in your soup, you find a butterfly, please call right now agent Scully from the X-files"
Furiouschef the poet from the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

carrot soup yummy, ginger carrot - me not sure, but the soup looks great, the moment you mentioned the bug......hehehehe...:D

Anonymous said...

Ginger-carrot is yummy!
Love the bugs for extra protein! hehe

Sofia said...

Beautiful presentation.

Allens Hill Farm said...

I must admit, I'm quite jealous of your food presentation skills.