Thursday, December 20, 2007


Since Christmas is around the corner, I would like to cheers with everybody that read this blog (even if we are not that many).I wish you a Merry Christmas whatever your religion and nationality. (houa I sound like miss Universe, soon I will wish peace in the world and I already wave with my hand to my computer).
Lately is very fashionable to do dessert in a glass and I have to admit sometimes is beautiful, so I try this easy recipe ( I love easy recipes), put in the glass some red fruit with some fresh minth, add some mascarpone cheese whipped with vanilla and sugar, add cookies ( process in the blender before) some strawberry in dice with Grand Marnie and voila. If you got some heavy drinker's friend ( yes Zen this message is for you) is very convenient, glass been use you save some bottle.
quote of the day:"If you always eat too much for Christmas, give some to people who don't have much" and because is christmas I give you a second. " A glass of wine share with friends at home taste better than a bottle of champagne alone"
Furiouschef poet from the kitchen.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Lyon, 8th December.

Today, I want to talk about my hometown Lyon in France. Since 1643 every 8th of December people place candles in colors glass outside of the windows to celebrate Virgin Mary. The town promised to pay tribute to Mary if the city was spared of the plague.
A few years ago Lyon decide to make a big event and during 4 days (6-10 December) they allowed some artists to light up the city.( more photos to
Lyon is also the capital of gastronomie in France with a great ambassador Paul Bocuse ( Mr Paul is like the pope there). A "bouchon" is a typical restaurant from Lyon, this name derives from the 16th century expression for a bunch of twisted straw.A representation of such bundles began to appear on sign to indicate restaurant ( where in a same time your horse was cleaned by this bundles) and by extension the restaurant themselves become known as Bouchons.
Quote of the day: " If you eat in a Bouchon , make sure you are in Lyon" Furiouschef poet from the kitchen.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

3 seconds rule.

First I wanted to make you smile with my auto-portrait, done with food. Enjoy..
Few weeks ago I was invited to a lovely wedding midtown in NYC. During the buffet a charming women came to talk to me and after learning what I was doing for a living, she asked me if I knew about the "3 seconds rule in a kitchen" ( when food fall on the floor, you have only 3 seconds to pick up if you want to eat this produce). After reflexion I said to her " In NYC if you drop something, rats and mice don't take that long to do a review on your food". When I get back home, I start to remember some dirty souvenir that happen in different kitchen that I worked in but it's an other story.
Quote of the day " If rat don't like it , don't eat it" Furiouschef poet from the kitchen

Monday, December 3, 2007

Let it snow...

Last Sunday was a white Sunday in NYC. Snow has a magic effect ( I don't speak about the illegal powder that some people sniff) when it's falling down my christmas spirit is up. So I decide to share with you this picture of this "dubarry mousse" translation= a cauliflower mousse with white truffle oil, It's round. soft, creamy, then I realize is looks like fake boobs. Did I just made a new breast implant that you can smell, touch and eat ( dream, dream....) Ok stop right there I'm not the next doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde, I will not be on the next episode of Nip and Tuck. I will just remain in my kitchen doing surgical procedure on chicken, my nickname is "the butcher".
Quote of the day: " You can prepare to your girlfriend a thousand mousse, but just one flower will make her your spouse"
Furrious chef poet from the kitchen.
By the way check the pictures from my friend Ron at ( Fashion's picture with beautiful model ) .

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Can I be a painter ?

After my last post, I decide to try to create some art, so I pick up a brush and without any idea of what I was doing, this face (see picture) start to stare at me. I don't know where come from this obsession with faces, but all time that I find myself with a pen, I have to draw a face. At home you will found on my invoices, check book and other magazine, this personage with different nose,strange mouth, big eyes and crazy hair. Even at work on my menu or shopping list this people watch over me. ( no I'm not seeing dead people haha..). I know that some how my subconscious try to tell me something but I can find any signification.
It's not the first time that happen to me, during my culinary school this symbol ????? pop up everywhere on my paper.(didn't get this message either). What can I said we didn't have psychologie class and for us Freud was like this soccer player that always stay on the bench. Please help me.
so if you think that I got some potential in painting send me some love and a name for my first creation. My quote of the day define exactly what I feel about it.
"Because I'm not the next Picasso, I still cooking some mash potatoes." Furiouschef poet from the kitchen.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A bug in my Soup !

When I lesson to this chef who claim to be real Artist, I love to laugh out loud ( wait a minute, I just realize the meaning of LOL, I'm genius ....).Don't get me wrong, I recognize the talent for some of them but I prefer to use the word craftsmen about Chef, for me an artist it's something else, sorry I can't find in my brain the definition.
Anyway, like you can see on the picture from my photograph's friend Ron ( a true Artist), I felt creative and decided to put some decoration on my Ginger-Carrot soup, the result: looks like a bug swimming in the plate.
So the quote for today is :
" If often in your soup, you find a butterfly, please call right now agent Scully from the X-files"
Furiouschef the poet from the kitchen.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Diet after Thanksgiving?

Do you think about doing a diet after all this turkey, corn bread, mash potato and stuffing (my favorite) that you eat during the holidays.
What about a nice grill halibut with some veggies after one hour at the gym (you know this place where people pay to sweat on tortuous machine). If you are looking like me for some result without effort why not try this tea that you can find on the market that claim to clean your body and increase the "bowel movements". I tried this tea and let me warn you, if you live with roommates make sure that you got everything in your bathroom because it will become the favorite place to hang out. The "office" like I use to call my favorite room of the house going to be in your dream for a long time. I'm starting to create the public toilet map for NYC. Well I know this subject it's not that romantic so let me finish with this quote :
"If you're been drinking some cleaning tea, decline the invitation for the party". Furiouschef poet from the kitchen.